Valientes y valiosos


BSO de cualquier pasión noventera

You're perfect in the way/A perfect end today
You're burning out their lights/And burning in their eyes
I love you sugar kane/A comin' from the rain
Oh, kiss me like a frog/And turn me into flame
I love you all the time/I need you 8 to 9
And I can stay all night/Your body shining

And I know
There's something down there
Sugar soul
Back to the cross
A twisted lane
There something down there
Sugar kane

I'm back again in love/I'm back again a dove
But where'd you get your light/Your smilin' sugar life
Another lovers day/Another cracked up night
And every night I say/The light is coming

And I know...

Hey angel, come and play/And fly me away
A stroll along the beach/Until you're out of time
I love you sugar kane/A crack into the dream
I love you sugar kane [x5]
I love you sugar

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